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Frequently Asked Questions About the Store


With all the changes we’re making, you’re bound to have some questions!

Are you closing?

We are happy to report that we are NOT closing! In fact, we’ve signed a 10 year lease!

Is this store still Davis-Kidd Booksellers?
We’re still the same great store and knowledgeable staff with the same product you love. The only difference is the name!

Are you under new ownership?
We are still independently owned by Neil Van Uum, who purchased Davis-Kidd Booksellers back in 1997.

What is your new name?
We are now known as The Booksellers at Laurelwood. You can call us The Booksellers for short!

Is Bronte going to close?
No, the café will remain open.

Are you still taking Davis-Kidd gift cards?

Yes, we will continue to honor gift cards and coupons with our previous name.

Is the Gives Back  and Golden Apple program still in effect?
Yes, however, there have been a few changes to the Gives Back program including birthday coupons, café rewards, and a new community partner.
Ask our booksellers for more information.

Who is your new community partner in the Gives Back program?
We’re proud to announce that Arts Memphis is now our fifth Gives Back Partner.  Arts Memphis raises funds to ensure excellence in the arts and build a vibrant cultural community for everyone. They support art organizations, arts education, and outreach efforts to promote engagement.

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