Frequently Asked Questions

Is this store still Davis-Kidd Booksellers?
We’re still the same great store and knowledgeable staff with the same product you love. The only difference is the name!

Are you under new ownership?
We are still independently owned by Neil Van Uum, who purchased Davis-Kidd Booksellers back in 1997.

Who do I contact about getting my book into your store?
Pop on over to our Resources for New Authors here for info.

Who do I contact about setting up an event in your store?
Following the new book application process (more information can be found on our Resources for New Authors page here), you will be directed to our event committee. However, because our store hosts over 200+ author events a year on top of over community happenings, we schedule our booksignings at least two to three months in advance following an application process.

What is the phone number for The Orpheum desk?
Unfortunately, The Orpheum desk located in our store is a walk-up service only. However, they can be reached at their box office number at (901) 525-3000 or through their website at