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Booksellers Bistro - 901-374-0881


The Booksellers Bistro

 project greenfork certified  . . . The Bistro is now Project Green Fork Certified!

We have Rudi’s Original Gluten-Free Bread! Have your favorite sandwich gluten-free for an additional .60
V = vegetarian    =can be made gluten-free


Add a cup of soup to any full-sized salad for $2.95

Homemade Soup         Cup: 3.95 / Bowl: 5.25
Tomato Bleu-Cheese Soup or the day’s selection.

Vegetarian Chili           Cup: 6.75 / Entrée: 9.25
Served over a bed of rice, topped with scallions, Monterey Jack cheese, and sour cream. Add jalapenos or a dash of hot sauce to kick it up a notch. V

Hummus              5.25
With Pita wedges and a hot garlic-orange olives. V

Spinach and Artichoke Dip           8.95
Artichoke hearts, spinach, and sautéed red onion baked with a blend of cheeses. Served hot with baked pita chips. V

Fried Green Tomatoes with Cashew Relish          12.95
The SouthernClassic topped with goat cheese and a sweet tangy relish of cashews, jalepenos, honey, and cilantro. V

Edamame            4.00
Green soybeans in the pods, baked and lightly salted. V




Add a cup of soup to any full size salad for $2.95

Alton Brown’s Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing               Regular: 6.25 / Entrée: 10.95 add chicken 3.95 • add shrimp 4.95 • add salmon 5.95
Baby spinach with warm bacon dressing, hardboiled egg, button mushrooms, slivered red onions, and crisp bacon.

Pear & Bleu Cheese Salad      Regular: 7.25 / Entrée: 11.95
Pear slices, toasted almonds, golden raisins, and crumbled bleu cheese atop spring greens and chopped romaine. Pear & poppy seed dressing. V

Black & Bleu Salad           10.95
Blackened chicken on mixed greens, topped with bleu cheese crumbles, red onion, tomatoes, and our buttermilk ranch dressing.

Roasted Turkey with Cranberry & Feta Salad      11.95
Baby spinach, fresh oven roasted turkey, dried cranberries, red onion slivers, and fire-roasted walnuts with our sherry vinaigrette.

Salad Duo            10.95
A scoop of chicken salad and a scoop of tuna salad on a bed of greens with tomato slices. House dressing and grilled pita toast points.

Blackened Tilapia            12.95
Grilled seasoned tilapia placed on a bed of mixed greens with seasoned cornbread croutons, chopped tomatoes, roasted corn, and shredded cheddar cheese. With homemade buttermilk ranch dressing.

House Salad      Regular: 5.50 / Entrée: 8.95

Add chicken 3.95 • Add shrimp 4.95 • Add salmon 5.95
Mixed greens, romaine, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, croutons, and parmesan cheese. Served with house vinaigrette dressing. V

Grilled Sunburst Salmon Salad   14.95
Spinach, mixed greens, mandarin oranges, avocados, slivered almonds, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, and slivered onions. Served with Green Goddess dressing.

Goat Cheese Salad         9.95
Two herbed baked goat cheese rounds and fried shallots on a bed of greens with balsamic glaze and strawberries. Served with sherry vinaigrette. V




All sandwiches are served with tossed field greens or kettle chips. Rudi’s original Gluten-Free Sandwich bread can be substituted for .60.

Chicken Salad Croissant    9.95
White meat chicken salad, topped with lettuce, tomato, Provolone cheese, and crispy bacon.

Albacore Tuna Melt    9.95
Albacore tuna salad on multi-grain bread grilled with cheddar cheese and tomato slices.

America’s Test Kitchen’s Avocado BLT    9.25

With chipotle mayonnaise on toasted wheatberry bread.

Baked Chicken Avocado Wrap    9.95
Flour tortilla filled with blackened chicken, black beans, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado corn salsa, and sour cream. Mandarin orange salsa and sour cream on the side.

Rachael Ray’s Turkey Burger    9.95
Fresh ground turkey, horseradish, and cheddar cheese grilled and served on a Kaiser roll and topped with Dijon mustard, lettuce, and fresh cranberry sauce.

Half-Sandwich Special    8.95
Half-sandwich with a choice of a cup of soup or a side of house greens. Ask your server for the daily offering. (Served Monday-Friday, from 11til 4)

Portabella Mushroom Sandwich    10.95
Marinated and roasted portabella mushroom cap served on a Kaiser roll and topped with red onion, lettuce, tomato, lemon rosemary mayonnaise, and melted Monterey Jack cheese. V

Tuscan Chicken Sandwich “Simply Grilling” Jennifer Chandler    9.95
Boneless chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, red bell pepper, and red onion with a pesto mayonnaise served on a ciabatta roll.

Homemade Quiche    9.75
Vegetarian or meat-filled quarter-pie sized slice Side of tossed greens and fresh fruit. V

Spinach Artichoke Quesadilla    9.95
A generous blend of spinach, artichoke, and Parmesan and Monteray jack cheeses grilled between flour tortillas. Accompanied by mandarin orange salsa and sour cream. V
Add chicken 3.95 • Add shrimp 4.95



5:00 and later

Add a cup of soup to any full-sized entrée  $2.95
Add a house salad to any full-sized entrée  $4.50

Alpine Chicken Pasta     Half: 9.95 / Full: 13.95
Penne pasta in garlic cream sauce with parmesan & fontina cheeses, roasted red peppers & spinach. Topped with seasoned chicken.

Seared Salmon    14.95
Pan-seared salmon with an herbed shallot cream sauce, pan-seared green beans and cracked-wheat (bulgar) pilaf. Substitute rice pilaf to make it GF.

Shrimp and Polenta    15.95
Sauteed shrimp in a white wine basil cream sauce resting over mild cheddar polenta with truffle butter. A mix of warm cherry tomatoes and roasted asparagus garnish the top of the dish.

Booksellers Burger    14.95
Angus beef served with bacon, horseradish and blue cheese aioli, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions. Choice of chips, steak fries, or side greens.

Thai Red Curry Salmon    14.95
A spicy red curry sauce that cuts through the richness of the salmon, and a nutty Jasmine rice that ensures you get all the sauce on your plate! Served with Thai- style vegetables.
Curry-lovers will consider this “soft” heat, but it has a little punch to it for those who aren’t curry regulars.

Chef’s Snapper     17.95
Delicious fresh snapper with a different preparation every day. Ask your server.

Enhance your meal with artisan-brewed beers or wines from our thoughtfully curated list.


Make it á la mode    add 1.25

Sugar-Free Blueberry Pie             5.00

Tiramisu               5.75
Ladyfingers soaked in liquor and layered with Italian crème. Topped with slivered almonds and chocolate.

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie           5.75
Graham cracker crumb crust filled with peanut butter mousse, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.

Bread Pudding                 5.75
Our version of Paula Deen’s bread pudding served warm with pecans & brandy.

Chocolate Turtle Brownie Sundae            6.75

Petite Turtle Brownie Sundae    4.25
A warm turtle brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, & a cherry.

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie    1.35

Gooey Butter Bars           3.95

Muffin  1.95

Turtle Brownie  3.25

Cakes brought to you by Frost Bakery

Ask your server for details.   




Coffee Bar

Hot Chocolate   3.25 / 3.75

House Coffee    2.25

Café au Lait         2.95 / 3.50

Mocha Jo             3.25 / 3.75

Espresso              2.25

Red Eye                2.95/3.25

Café Americano                2.25

Macchiato           2.25

Con Panna          2.75

Latte      3.25/3.75

Cappuccino         3.25 / 3.95

Café Mocha        3.50 / 3.95

Chai Latte            3.75 / 4.25

Steamer               3.25 / 3.75

Hot Tea                2.50

Regular: British Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ginger Peach, 

Decaf: British Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ginger Peach

Herbal: Chamomile Lemon, Orange Ginger Mint

Green: The People’s Green Tea



Juice      1.95

apple, orange, V8, or cranberry

Milk       skim or whole 1.50

                Soy milk add .50

Iced Tea               2.50

Fruit Tea              2.75

Soft Drink            2.60

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade

IBC Root Beer    2.75

Bottled Water   1.25

San Pellegrino   small 2.25 / large 3.75 




Served daily until 11 a.m. Monday thru Friday; until 3 p.m. Saturday & Sunday.


Traditional Egg Platter   8.95
Two eggs any style, skillet potatoes, fresh fruit, toast, and your choice of bacon or sausage.

Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, Swiss Omelet             9.25
With skillet potatoes, toast, and fresh fruit.

Spinach, Tomato, & Feta Omelet  9.25
Skillet potatoes toast, and fresh fruit. V

Breakfast Burrito              8.50
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and black beans rolled in a flour tortilla. Served with skillet potatoes, fruit, and avocado corn salsa. V

Breakfast Croissant Sandwich     8.25
Scrambled eggs topped with your choice of Swiss or Cheddar,  and bacon or sausage. With skillet potatoes.

Quiche of the Day            9.75
Each day we offer a different option. Served with skillet potatoes.

Crème Brûlée French Toast         8.25

     with banana & berries              9.25

Topped with a crème brûlée sauce and served with your choice of bacon or sausage.

Pancakes             7.50

     with banana & berries              8.50

Stack of three with maple-flavored syrup and your choice of bacon or sausage.

Yogurt Berry Crunch       8.75
A banana-lined boat filled with fresh fruit, vanilla yogurt, and granola. Served with a fresh-baked muffin.  V

Denver Omelet                9.95
Diced ham, red and green pepper and cheddar cheese. Served with toast and skillet potatoes.




Breakfast À la carte

Toast     1.75

Gluten-Free Toast           2.35

Muffin  1.95

Two eggs, any way          2.75

Bacon    2.50

Sausage links     2.50

Single pancake  1.95

Fresh fruit, cup 3.25

Fresh fruit, bowl               5.25

Bagel & cream cheese   1.95

Skillet Potatoes 1.95